Creating positive impact in the communities we serve.

Making a Difference

DOZCO has actively engaged in various community betterment activities in different states across India including Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Telangana. We believe that these initiatives are essential in building lasting relationships with the local communities, promoting mutual trust and respect. Moreover, we are honoured to be involved in the construction of the Maheshwari Bhavan, a prestigious project that will serve as a shelter for pilgrims visiting the town of Ayodhya. This project is proof of our dedication to making a positive influence on society by working on projects that directly affect people’s lives.

CSR Highlights

Education Program

Education Programs

We prioritize education programs to empower economically and socially disadvantaged communities. By providing scholarships, infrastructure support, and educational resources, we aim to create opportunities for a brighter future.
Community Support

Community Support

We actively engage with local communities to enhance their lives. Through various initiatives, including healthcare camps, skill development programs, and vocational training, we strive to uplift individuals and contribute to the overall development of communities.
Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

DOZCO believes in extending a helping hand during times of crisis. We contribute to disaster relief funds, providing immediate assistance to affected regions and supporting rehabilitation efforts for those affected by natural disasters.
Ayodhya Lodging

Ayodhya Lodging Buildings

DOZCO has made significant contributions towards the construction of lodging buildings in Ayodhya, furthering the development of infrastructure in the area and providing comfortable accommodations for visitors.