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Chisels Overview

The Chisels at DOZCO are designed and built for boulder breaking, concrete breaking, quarries, slab breaking, slopy and bedrock surfaces. These chisels are manufactured at DOZCO’s high-tech, state-of-the-art, 39,000 Sq. Meters manufacturing facility that is equipped with some of the finest global brands of machines, heat treatment & paint shop, and multistage testing facilities to ensure quality. Our in-house R&D centre works in tandem to continuously improve the products. We are proud to offer this Make in India, product from our ISO certified plant.
Undercarriage Overview

See How Our Chisels Exceeds

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Sourcing best quality materails

100% in-house manufacturing facility

Ensure the highest quality

Suitable all make and size of Rock breaker

Chisels Assembly

Blunt Tool

Used for Secondary Breaking in Quarries, Boulder Breaking, Concreat Breaking & Slab Breaking.

Wedge Tool

Used for Concreat Breaking, excavation of bedrock, operations on the face of slope, excavation of ditches, etc.

Conical Tool

Used for Both primary as well as Secondary Breaking in Quarry, Concreat & tough rock.

Point Tool

Used for Multipurpose Applications including breaking of extra hard rock, hard rock, hard stone,and reinforced Concreat as well as excavation of bedrock.

Our Manufacturing Range