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MANN - FILTER The leading brand for your success The MANN-FILTER brand offers innovative filter systems in a OE-quality. The filters ensure constant engine performance, save fuel and protect.

MANN air filters
MANN air filters reliably and efficiently filter interfering particles out of the intake air. They can reduce fuel consumption by 3-4% if changed regularly. They also prevent damage to certain electronic components and silence the intake noise.

MANN oil filters
MANN oil filters provide optimum protection for the engine. A high quality filter medium reliably frees oil of dirt and solids such as dust, metallic swarf, oil carbon and soot. MANN oil filters are used for engine, hydraulic and gear oils.

MANN fuel filters
Dirt particles in fuels lead to increased wear in the injection system. MANN fuel filters reliably protect the sensitive injection units and carburetor by freeing the fuels of dirt particles such as dust, rust and water. They offer maximum purification and thus ensure safe protection for the engine.